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The First Choice for Driving Lessons In Lewsey!

Located next to the M1, Lewsey in LU4 is one of the most challenging places around to drive through. While driving you will need to be able to spot and handle hazards as they occur, Want Driving Lessons aims to train you to become the best driver you can be on the roads of Lewsey.
Why Our Driving School In Lewsey, Luton?  
There are a few great reasons as to why you should choose to learn with Want Driving Lessons in Lewsey LU4. Firstly is that we have been in your area teaching for a while, our experienced Instructors know Lewsey LU4 well and will be able to point out those driving’ hotspots’ that could potentially be dangerous. As well as teaching you how to drive you will be trained in dealing with these troublesome areas in a safe and effective manner.
Take Automatic And Manual Driving Lessons in LU4 With Us...
With automatic driving fast becoming the most popular option for many drivers, Want Driving Lessons brings you the opportunity to take automatic driving lessons with us. 

Our experienced and very qualified driving instructors will teach you everything you need to know about driving an automatic vehicle. Want Driving Lessons will provide you with an automatic vehicle for you to learn in.  
Why Cheap Driving Lessons In Lewsey Doesnt Work!
We here at Want Driving Lessons firmly believe that any established and reputable driving school MUST provide complete value for money while offering those great driving lessons! We will bring you vast experience and complete driving knowledge at very decent rate for the area of Lewsey. Keep in mind also that you will not be paying any extra for those off-peak driving lessons during your evenings and weekends!
Advance, Intensive Driving Courses In LU4 Available....
Along with your driving lessons you can also partake in any one of our exclusive courses. Among them include our Intensive Course for all our Lewsey learners wishing to pass their test as quickly as possible. Learner drivers who are coming up to their test date will do well to take our Intermediate and Test Standard learners’ course. This will help sharpen up their driving skills just in time for the big day! Enrolling on our specialist Motorway Driving tuition will enhance and encourage driving on the busier main roads in and around Lewsey. 
Start learning to drive in Lewsey LU4 without delay!   
Our Lewsey LU4 based team want to help you to become that confident and safe driver today on 0203 086 7988, you are also able to contact us via the 'Contact With Me With Prices' form.
With the current financial climate, so many people are thinking about that change in career. If this is you then why not consider becoming one of our trained and dedicated Driving Instructors? Get in touch and find out how you can become one of the team at Want Driving Lessons with our Driving Instructor Training Course. Alternativley if your already a driving instructor, why not join our Driving School Franchise in Luton!

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