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South Ward

Your Popular Driving School in South Ward, Luton

You have Chapel Street, Farley Hill, Castle Street and Chapel Viaduct all in the area of South Ward in LU1. So South Ward will without doubt be an often hectic and busy part of town to live and work in, getting around can be tricky especially as a driver. But Want Driving Lessons want to help you to drive in your area of South Ward.
Your Driving School In South Ward, Luton....
Want Driving Lessons School of Motoring has been in the business for well over twenty years, since the late 1980’s in fact. All these years of expertise and experience go into each and every one of your driving lessons with us. Because we know your area well, each of the driving instructors will be able to show you where the potential hazard hotspots are and how to deal with them in the most effective way. This is just one of the great reasons to learn with us here at Want Driving Lessons!
We Now Offer Automatic Driving Lessons in Luton...    
Automatic driving is just as popular as manual driving in South Ward LU1. This is the reason that we now offer automatic driving lessons for you too. Our team of driving instructors will be able to teach you all of the essentials when it comes to driving your automatic vehicle. These skills include everything from using the automatic controls effectively to practicing all those turns in the road and parallel parking.       
Affordable Driving Tuition in South Ward...  
Want Driving Lessons is happy to bring to you high quality driving lessons at very competitive prices for South Ward LU1. The lesson packages are each created with the needs of South Ward residents in mind. We know that it can sometimes be very difficult to take driving lessons during the weekday so we offer you off-peak driving lessons at no extra cost.       
Choose Our Qualifed Driving Instructors In Luton!   
We simply want to train you in South Ward LU1 to become a great driver. We offer you some optional courses too: An Intermediate and Test Standard learner’s course can help brush up on driving skills as last minute preparation before the test. For those of our more advanced pupils we recommend Want Driving Lessons Motorway Tuition Course, a valuable resource when it comes to enhancing your driving skills on the larger busier roads.
Live In South Ward And Want A Change Of Career?    
Why not consider a career as a driving instructor? Not only is it a challenging and rewarding job, but you can also enjoy flexible hours to suit you plus the chance to earn anything up to £40,000 per year. Check out the great training and franchise package that is available at Want Driving Lessons. Call the South Ward team today and find out if you have what it takes to become a Driving Instructor on 0203 086 7988.

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