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7.5 Tones Truck

7.5 Tones Trucks Category (C1)
Trucks (7.5 Tones)  Provisional Application and Entitlement. 
7.5 Tones Truck Provisional Application and Entitlement...
1. You will need to obtain a provisional licence from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). You can do this online or by obtaining a form from the Post Office. Please fill the D2 driving application form and fill a medical report form D4 from your GP. Once completed, please send off to the address shown on the application form. You will then receive provisional entailment, which will be added on to your driving licence.
7.5 Tones Truck Theory & Hazard Perception Test...
2. You may purchase learning aids for the Theory test from us. This will contain the present DSA theory book & CD and Hazard test CD as well. We can also book your theory test & hazard perception test for you. You can opt for both tests to be done on the same day or different days if you wish. However, it is recommended that if you are booking the theory test yourself, please ensure you leave at least 2 hours gap between each test.
7.5 Tones Truck Driving Practical Test...
3. Once you have successfully completed the Theory & Hazard tests, the Practical training may begin. You will firstly be required to undertake a 70 minute driving assessment, which will give us ideal number of hours training required to help you complete the course. Many of our short term courses can be completed in 5 days (subject to test availability).
7.5 Tones Truck Driver CPC & DCPC Courses...
CPC = Certificate of Professional Competence

This is to boost any driver’s knowledge and initial skills. To be successful on the first part, you will need to score 40 marks out of 50. 

DCPC = Demonstration Test

This is has 5 topics, you will need to score 15 marks out of 20 on each one to pass 80 marks out of 100. Once you complete both CPC & DCPC you will then be able to obtain a DQC.

DQC = Driver Qualification Card
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