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Become A Driving Instructor

Looking For A New Career? - Why Not Become A Driving Instructor...
There are many reasons why you may want to make that career change. Perhaps your current job isn’t as fulfilling or as challenging as it once was? Or maybe you will be facing possible redundancy in the near future and wish to have a stable job to fall back on. Whatever your reasons there could never be a better time than now to think about making that change.

The Advantages Of A Driving Instructor Career...
There are many fantastic advantages to being a Driving Instructor. Among these great reasons are: You will be your own boss, responsible for your own day to day schedule. There is not micro managing or time pressures that are often so prevalent in other careers. It will be you who liaises directly with your pupils when arranging lesson times. Secondly you will have guaranteed work with Want Driving Lessons, a great advantage especially in today’s unstable financial climate. As a Driving Instructor you will potentially be able to earn from £45,000 to £50,000 per annum- that’s a very competitive wage!

There is no being stuck in a stuffy office all day; you will be out and meeting new people all the time. Our Driving Instructors find that it’s a fantastically sociable job. There is a great sense of satisfaction when pupils pass the driving test so it’s also a personally rewarding one too! 

As a Driving Instructor you will be valued for your skills and knowledge. We will teach you those specialist skills that shall put you in good stead for a career as a Driving Instructor.
Requirements Needed To Become A Driving Instructor...
There are a few simple requirements you must satisfy in order to become a Driving Instructor:

  • You must be 21 years or over
  • You will need to have held a UK Driving License for three or more years & no more than 5 points overall or any bans
  • Be able to provide two character references and pass a Criminal Record Bureau check
  • Be able to read a number plate at a distance of 90 feet with glasses, if normally worn

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