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Driving Instructor Franchise in London

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Why Pick our Driving School Franchise...

We now cover all London areas and have we been recommended by many instructors working for us to join our team. Our driving instructors do not receive commissions or any other financial incentives - but do so on their own merits.

If you are a Driving Instructor looking for work we can help!

We require qualified Male and Female driving instructors across most parts of London.

We have both Automatic and Manual franchises available. 

2 WEEK FREE trial

You can expect us to fill up your diary in 2 weeks

We are able to supply you with clients as and when you require them through our flexible franchise options- where we won’t lock you into a long contract! Most of our contracts are based on 3 - 6 months and can be renewed thereafter. Just 4 weeks notice required should you wish to leave, We will give you a 2 WEEK FREE free trail

Our driving school franchise in london is very competitive and we know you won’t find a better driving school franchise than ours- which is flexible, fun and profitable! Currently, we have a high demand for Automatic driving Instructors and Female driving instructors

Take a look at what some of our franchisee’s say about us:


Ali (2020) A.D.I – North West London, Manual driving instructor.

Having been with many driving schools in the past which didn’t deliver, i lost faith in the industry and felt many driving schools out there were promising the world but delivering very little. Then i met Want Driving Lessons - I couldn’t believe my luck when I found them- they offered me a franchise on a monthly contract with so many pupils. On average I received 10-15 clients a month as part time instructor and still do. I won’t be leaving you guys!


Gajan (2020) A.D.I – North West London, Manaul Driving instructor

‘I Have been an A.D.I for almost 8 years now and in the past I struggled with my volume of pupils. But since joining Want Driving Lessons, I have been busy all the time with 10-15 pupils on average per month on part time contract. I am very happy with the support and service they offer.’ 


Habib - A.D.I North West London, Manual and Automatic Driving Instructor

‘The franchise is one that is most suited to my needs, its flexible and I can plan my diary the way I want. The staff at Want Driving Lessons are very helpful, I can call anytime day or night if I have any queries and I am guaranteed assistance. I have more than enough clients with around 10- 20 clients a month, but I know if I do want more all I have to do is ask! Since joining the driving school I have never looked back!’


Abi - A.D.I Middlesex Automatic Driving Instructor

Being an A.D.I for 18 years brings a lot of knowledge and experience and I can say Want Driving Lessons have to be the best driving school I have worked for. They never let me down and are always there to help and unlike other driving schools they always deliver with a constant stream of clients. Any A.D.I’s looking for work, I am always proud to recommend Want Driving Lessons.’


Satish Patel A.D.I – North West London, Manual Driving Instructor

 ‘Since joining Want Driving Lessons Part Time Franchise, i have had so many students from a diverse community. It has taken the stress away from me having to advertise for new clients as its all done for me on a wider scale via Radio, Internet, Flyers etc. The driving school franchise has been flexible and allowed me to work with my own clients as well as those supplied and works on flexible contracts so im never tied down. Im glad i joined and have been busy ever since.’


Rajeshri A.D.I – Middlesex, Manual Driving Instructor

As an ADI for over 6 years, I have been with many franchises in the past and with Want Driving Lesson for 8 months. I can truly say, the companies interests lie in making the instructors happy, rather than its annual profits. It has a really good office structure that provides constant support for all ADI's. I was personally recommended to them and I would be more than happy to recommend Want Driving Lesson to anyone wanting to join the industry or a trusted driving school.


Hassan Said A.D.I- North West London, Manual Driving Instructor

I would like to present a balanced, honest and frank testimonial. It’s a cliché to say i would write a favorable testimonial for my boss. However I certainly would never put in print what i didn’t believe in. When I joined Want Driving Lessons, I was skeptical as to whether they would fulfill my apparent requirements. Apart from being honest, forthright and fair they kept to their words and provided a constant supply of pupils. Yes some driving schools do draw you in and supply you with meager supplies of pupils- But- Want Driving Lessons does not. On the odd occasions when pupil supplies have been low due to adverse weather conditions, as a gesture of goodwill

they declined the franchise fee. I have worked for red driving school and others and found them all wanting a franchise fee even when there was no income for myself. I would recommend to all PDIs and ADIs to put their trust in Want Driving Lessons and be assured that they keep to their word and are a company of integrity, thanks.


Jimi Adalade A.D.I- North West London, Manual Driving Instructor

Since joining Want Driving Lesson Driving School Iv had a fantastic experience of their part time franchise. They have been very supportive and helpful towards my requirements as a driving instructor, especially the manager of this company, he was always around to help. The driving school franchise gave me sufficient experience in this field of work and I really liked the way of receiving text messages to manage clients in my own time. My recommendation for this company is 100%. I am so glad that I joined such a flexible, helpful and excellent driving school who kept me very happy! Highly recommended.


Bina  A.D.I- MIddlesex, Automatic Driving Instructor

Having been in the driving tuition industry for 8 years now; working for others and by myself - I am soo pleased to have found a professional/approachable and committed company that really care about instructors. Not just themselves! I'm on a full time franchise that allows/enhances my own independence, it saves me countless hours and money on marketing and worrying about the recession; instead letting me get on with what I do best ..teaching! Want Driving Lessons DO deliver and I have no hesitation letting you know that fact. In all honesty, they have been a life-line to me since the start of 2015, when I thought all in our industry was lost..and I am very grateful to them for that. You WILL be impressed! Onwards and upwards!


John Willis A.D.I- MIddlesex, Automatic Driving Instructor

 Since being an ADI, I have worked independently and also with other driving schools, but I was not satisfied with what I was getting. Then I joined Want Driving Lessons as a franchisee. Since joining them, i have had a fantastic experience. I feel they are very supportive and co-operative towards all my requirements as a driving instructor. I feel the best thing about Want Driving Lessons is that the company offers flexible contract lengths and most importantly has a guaranted supply of pupils. If any fellow ADI's are struggling to get enough work- I personally recommend Want Driivng Lessons and Vips.

Baber Zahoor A.D.I- Wembley And Middlesex, Manual Driving Instructor



Having been working for myself for almost 6 years, when work started 'drying up' I decided to join a local driving school franchise. I orginally joined a large one, which at the beginning was great. But as time went on I realised that the school was only interested in recruiting more & more instructers, therefore the work coming in became almost non-existant, as the driving school became 'greedy'. I soon left this driving school and decided to join Want Driving Lessons. This driving school is brilliant and i have been working for them for 6 months now. The work load is excellent. I'm constantly busy, getting new students on a weekly basis. Sometimes I have to turn the work down as I'm sure you would agree, we all need a day off or the so called 'breathing space'.

The franchise is excellent, you wont be let down - So if you WANT WORK! come to WANT DRIVING LESSONS.


Vipul Bhundia A.D.I- Stanmore And Middlesex, Automatic Driving Instructor


Since joining Want Driving Lessons, Driving School Franchise, i believe my teaching abilities have improved with the volume of new pupils. Being apart of Want Driving Lessons was a big step in my life and I'm quite pleased I did so, as the outcome has been more than successful. Being an ADI for many years, I find the franchise reasonable in cost and I'm delighted to be an instructor apart of this school. The team is verry supportive and always there for you, just a phone call or text away. I highly reccomend them.

Kevin Loond A.D.I- South West London, Manual Driving Instructor

I have been with the driving school franchise for a short period of time, but in that time i have seen that the driving school is very professional- they provide me regular pupils and best of all are always there when you need them. I love the fact that im always incharge of my own schedule and they take payments from the puipls ensuring the bookings are not 'time wasters'. I would highly recommend the driving school franchise to all London driving instructors.

Maz A.D.I - East London, Manual Driving Instructor 

Joining Want Driving Lessons has been one of the best decisions of my career so far. Being on my own as an independent instructor for a long period of time, i found it hard to join a franchise, but the industry has changed so much over the years that old marketing technique no longer work and to be frank you need to keep up with times. Having the support of Want Driving Lessons yet being able to manage my own diary is magnificent! in affect im still an independent driving instructor working as i was- but with the continuous supply of customers which have prepaid. I would 100% recommend Want Driving Lessons, they are an extremely reputable, honourable driving school to work for.

Sug -  East London, Manual Driving Instructor 


I have been with wantdrivinglessons for last three years. I have been happy with them, the management team & the staff have been very helpful and considerate. The team always has a gift for Christmas to say thank you, I think that is very thoughtful and shows the genuine appreciation. I highly recommend this company to any ADI who is looking for franchise for the long run. They have unlimited supply of pupil.


Jag -Harrow, London, Manual driving instructor

1st of all want to say that this is an honest and unbiased review for The Want Driving Lessons Franchise of which I took up at the end of May 2016...Being a driving instructor for the last 9 years I know the ups and downs regarding running a driving school also the ups and many downs of being a franchised instructor.

I have been part of a franchise on two previous occasions and neither of them worked out as planned, The promises of one of the companies was partly met, but then in the end only provided enough work to cover their substantial franchise fee and no monies left over to pay bills or anything else. The 2nd franchise I joined was a total I mean TOTAL rip off. False promises and lies regarding students they said have rang for lessons and then asking me to chase potential leads!!! That's not what I pay you for that's your job not mine!!!

So baring that in mind joining any franchise after that wasn't my intention. I have ran my own school for 4 years and unfortunately things got quiet in May of this year. That couldn't continue. A good friend of mine recommended WANT DRIVING LESSONS.I thought hard about even ringing them, Much less joining another franchise. I took the plunge and rang WANT DRIVING LESSONS And spoke to Niraj. Well what can I say what say!! After the meeting with Niraj I felt at ease. His demeanour and assurances made me feel confident that I can sign the contract that I did. I felt the franchise fee was nothing for the amount of work he promised. I told him the areas that i wanted to cover. Within the next day I had 4 yes 4 clients. Within two weeks my diary was full (no word of an exaggeration 2 weeks) and has not stopped being full ever since!!!

The team are a joy to work with. They are at the end of the phone whenever needed. Polite and so easy to deal with. Any problems are sorted out straight away and I really have to say it was and still is one of the best decisions I have made regarding a franchise based business. If you are looking for work these guys at WANT DRIVING LESSONS Will I repeat WILL Have your diary full within No time at all. They are a breath of fresh air for the driving instructor franchise business. They deliver on their promises and have never let me down to date and I don't foresee any problems with them at all. Very professional and reliable company to be part of.

I really don't do reviews but this one I am very happy to do.

Noah- North London, Manual Driving instructor


I have worked for Want Driving Lessons for many years now.  Fantastic company to work for.  Never a shortage of students.  Would definitely recommend this company to other instructors.


Tanya- Harrow, London, Manual Driving instructor


This franchise works well for me as i am a part time instructor. I always have enough students which i am able to manage and schedule around my personal needs. The communication is great between the staff and myself, if there is anything that needs to be sorted they will call or text me instantly. I would definetly recommend this school to anyone who wants to be an instructor.


Manjula- North London, Manual Driving instructor

I have worked with Want Driving Lesson for three to four years as a part time instructor. I would recommend Want Driving Lesson Franchise undoubtedly to other instructors looking for a Franchise because the team are really supportive and friendly. The team keep me constantly booked with more and more prepaid students, and when i say i dont need anymore they stop sending them until i ask them otherwise. its a great business and you are guarnteed to have a full diary within the fist few weeks.

Want Driving Lessons - The Number One driving school franchise in London

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