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Mile End

So You Want Driving Lessons in Mile End E1

Mile End is a busy place, the area around the Underground station, Mile End Road and Grove Road especially. Built up places such as these can often be challenging to drive through, when learning to drive you need to be fully equipped with the best possible driving skills.  
Why Choose Us For Driving Lessons in E1...
We at Want Driving Lessons are fully aware of the obstacles and issues that can crop up on busy London roads. You could find yourself in the serene Rhonda Grove one moment yet a corner away is the busy Mile End road. 

The two extreme examples will more often than not require two different ways of driving; Mile End is a perfect place to practice learning manoeuvres and other driving techniques. Our Driving Instructors operate in Mile End and have done for a number of years. We have taught many students in your area and know of all the implications of driving in a busy London area. Another advantage of driving with us is that we drive on the test routes that the Local Test Centre uses. Through this practice of using these routes with our Instructors will only mean that you will be fully prepared for your test.  

Our Prices For Professional Manual And Automatic Driving Lessons...
Our prices are very competitive for the Mile End E1 area in both Manual and Automatic lessons. We have a number of quality packages and offers so call us to find out which would suit you best.

Driving Courses Available in Mile End....

  • Our Intensive Course is for Learner Drivers in Mile End who wish to pass their driving test quickly because of time constraints.
  • Intermediate and Test Standard learners is for learners who are almost ready do their driving test but need a few pointers. We will use the routes that the Mile End test centres use, as we do for all of our courses. 
  • The Refresher course will help existing drivers brush up on those valuable skills. This is especially recommended for those who have been driving for several years already.   
  • Our Motorway Driving Tuition course offers the chance to get out there and experience and tips on motorway driving with one of our Qualified Instructors. There are a number of busy motorways in and around in and around the Mile End area and using these will be part of the course.  
  • Want Driving Lessons Pass Plus course is recommended for those learner drivers who have just passed their driving test but want to have some extra tuition before driving independently.   

Alongside these courses we offer either Male or Female Driving Instructors, your choice of Manual or Automatic Lessons. We are flexible when it comes to times, and offer evening and weekend lessons.  
Contact us to start driving in Mile End...
Give us a call today on 0203 086 7988 and find out more about our special offers, and to begin driving with us in Mile End E1.

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