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Want Driving Lessons Are Now In Stratford E15

There are big things happening in Stratford E15, especially as the Olympics are coming to town later this year. As exciting as it is this means that there will be plenty of changes that will be happening on the roads in and around Stratford Olympic Village. While this is fantastic news it will also mean that as a driver you will have to be extra vigilant and cautious when it comes to getting around in Stratford, East London. 

Our Driving School in Stratford E15...    
Our Instructors know that roads in this area can sometimes be difficult to drive through.

Leyton Road, High Street Broadway and Romford Road are all really busy roads that can get very congested at times. Apart from that Stratford is a perfect place to learn how to drive. Perfect to practice those driving manoeuvres and other driving techniques that you will be learning, drive in an urban area like Stratford will undoubtedly equip you to drive almost anywhere.

Our Driving Instructors teach in your area of Stratford, and are established in the area. They have in the past and continue to help many students in the Stratford area successfully pass their driving tests. Also knowing Stratford as well as we do is a huge advantage. We use the test routes alongside the Stratford Gate Test Centre which means that our instructors can get you more accustomed to the area and specific hazards to look out for. You will be fully prepared for your driving test!

Prices For Manual and Automatic Lessons in E15... 
Our set packages of Manual and Automatic Driivng Lessons are very competitive for Stratford. Contact us today and discuss which one of our packages would be best suited for your needs. We constantly have offers available so we will often work out the best value for money!  
The Courses we offer in your area of Stratford E15... 

  • The Intensive Course for Learner Drivers in Stratford caters for learners who wish to pass their driving test because of other commitment and pressures.   
  • The Intermediate and Test Standard learners’ course for learner drivers ensures that they are completely prepared to take their test. 
  • Our Refresher course assists drivers to reverse any bad driving practices learned over the years.  
  • Our Motorway Driving Tuition course offers driving experience with motorway driving in and around Stratford. 
  • The Pass Plus course assists newly qualified drivers with sharpening up their freshly learnt driving skills.    

It’s up to you to choose between a male or female driving instructor, or whether you wish to take Manual or Automatic driving lessons with Want Driving Lessons. Find that you are just too busy to take lessons in the daytime? Don’t worry we can help and work around your hours with evening and weekend lessons at no additional charge.  

Call Us Today To Start Learning In Stratford E15...
Get in touch with us on 0203 086 7988, where our advisors are ready to help you with any questions you might have. We at Want Driving Lessons will do all we can to make sure you Ace that driving test in Stratford E15 with flying colours!

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