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Want Driving Lessons Copyright Statement
Want Driving Lessons Driving School does not transfer title or permission to any website content downloaded or used by the User. Site content inclusive of selection, imagery, contact form and arrangement is solely owned by Want Driving Lessons and is protected by copyright and other associated infringement laws.
Want Driving Lessons offer limited permission to use any website content and is specifically conditioned on the user's recognition, observance and retention of all copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary notices in Site content inclusive of imagery, and all proprietary and other intellectual property rights of Want Driving Lessons within website content. The user to the website shall not have any ownership rights in any URL and email address or other personal identifier that may be allocated to, or chosen by, him or her for the purposes of any services available through Want Driving Lessons website and the user's limited rights to use such identifiers or addresses shall continue only for so long as the user's registration, purchases or user account remains valid for access to this site or the relevant services or options.
Any unauthorised use or copying of website content inclusive of imagery, or use of website content which breaches these Terms, or their spirit may violate trademarks, copyright and other proprietary rights, and civil and criminal statutes. Users shall not use any website content including any other content which may be made available through this site in any manner that infringes any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights. Want Driving Lessons reserves all rights with respect to such unauthorised use or breach of these Terms which may result in legal action being taken under copyright and infringement laws and powers.
We take the theft of our original work very seriously and would draw to your attention it is protected under UK copyright law. Please note we always sue for compensation if any part of our website, design or seo whether text or images, are found being used without prior authorisation in writing.
Last updated 08/03/2010

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