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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What age can I start to learn to drive?
As long as you are at least 17 years old and have a valid UK provisional driving license, which can be acquired from your post office by requesting a DI form, you are ready to start straight away! However, if you are not 17 yet, why not get your provisional license ready in time for your 17th birthday and book your first driving lesson for the day of your birthday.
Will I need a lot of Driving Lessons?
There is no exact figure as to how many driving lessons you will need, as this varies from person to person and their driving skills. A rough guide to how many driving lessons you will need is set out by the DSA, who say on average a student requires a minimum of 45 hours of professional tuition to pass their driving tests first time round. After taking a few professional lessons from your instructor, we advice you to speak to your instructor about how many lessons he or she feels you will require based on your current driving skills.
How long is each Driving Lesson?
Usually our driving lessons are only an hour long each, but we recommend that you book two hour lessons if you are able to, as this way you are more likely to make quicker progress by putting your experiences into practice and therefore passing your test in very little time, saving you alot of money.
What happens once i Pass my Driving Test?
Once you pass with us, we highly recommend that you take our advanced courses which are designed to increase your skills and road confidence, we offer a range of advanced courses including Pass Plus, Motorway tuition and Refresher courses. Our driving instructors are trained to teach you theory and practical, ensuring that you receive the best tuition possible. At the end of each driving lesson you and your driving instructor will recap what you learnt and set an objective of what you will learn during the next lesson as this will help you maintain a steady progress.
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