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Instructor Training Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is something I am not sure about just before taking the tests?
You will have constant support throughout the training for all the three parts. Your instructor will be on hand to explain any problem areas that they think you need extra practice in. Not only do you have this but also the training course materials, the full amount of in class and in car training. Your instructor will be happy to do any last minute preparation with you in order to put your mind at rest. Want Driving Lessons have a very intensive approach to teaching you everything you need to know before being tested.
Once I qualify am I able to start my own business?
There is nothing stopping you from beginning your own driving school once you have completed your instructor training. However we do suggest the Want Driving Lessons Instructor Franchise as a potential option for you. Not only will you continue to receive support as a new driver but you will be part of an established and growing team-it’s a guaranteed job at the end.
How soon can I begin my driving instructor training?
Once you get in touch with us regarding Driving Instructor training, and we are sure that you meet the DSA’s criteria you can begin straightaway. We will put you in touch with one of our highly qualified instructors, you will be able to begin part one of your training. Want Driving Lessons look forwards to helping you on your way to becoming a fully qualified Driving Instructor.
I have young children - can I work part time once I have trained?
We know that many people have busy schedules and commitments outside working hours. This includes organising childcare and other caring responsibilities. We will work together and devise hours that will suit you, taking all of your personal commitments into consideration. 

Are there any extra costs that I will need to know about?
No, there will be no extra costs on top of the training price. All the study materials will be provided as well as full technical and verbal support. You will have use of our vehicles for your training needs too; this is all included in the price.
I have questions about the training and would like to discuss them with you... 
Yes we are more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have about training with us. We can organise a time and place to meet in person or via telephone. Our experienced team know that it’s a big commitment and want to put your mind at ease and resolve these concerns.

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